What is Right and Wrong with Poverty Porn?

The Homeless…The Refugee….The Poor…THE OTHER! Image When we are confronted with images which stir our emotions and cover sensitive issues as publishers, do we ignore what is right in front of us, look at it or even share it in public domains? As a university student graduating at the end of the year and entering the… Continue reading What is Right and Wrong with Poverty Porn?

BCM240 - Digital Storytelling Project

A Magical Reflection

Understanding how Walt Disney Productions extends throughout generations is a concept, which has always interested me. Undertaking my research task for BCM240 enabled me to study something I enjoyed and I interested in. interviewed two women in my life that I respect, love and cherish. Who and Why? I interview three generations of women in… Continue reading A Magical Reflection

BCM240 - Digital Storytelling Project

The Happiest Place On Earth

I hope you enjoy my BCM240 Digital Storytelling Project! I have chosen to interview to three women from my family. They are each of a different generation and I have interviewed them and contrasted them to my views of watching Disney to see whether or not Disney extends throughout generations. The research focuses on media, audience… Continue reading The Happiest Place On Earth


My Blogging Journey: BCM240 Reflection

The overall writing in public assessments for BCM240 challenged me to write as a researcher. Miller and Wal (2015) stated, “public writing engages both the public and our academic colleagues, we’ve found public commentary can be a form of “public peer review.” Exciting research ideas for academic papers have developed from our public pieces thanks… Continue reading My Blogging Journey: BCM240 Reflection


You Wouldn’t Steal a Handbag

Source YOU WOULDN”T STEAL A HANDBAG! Regulation in Australia’s extremely strict with the issue of piracy. Piracy has always been a problem due to it taking longer to watch films and tv shows in Australia and when it does it’s more expensive in Australia to purchase then if we were in America where the majority of… Continue reading You Wouldn’t Steal a Handbag